About This Blog

If God is your God;

If you are committed to your relationship with Him;

If it has cost you something to be a disciple of Jesus;

If you know what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit …

If you know (or want to learn) what it means to pick up your cross daily …


Then you will find this blog helpful.


The blog has two main Categories: Parables, and A Christian’s Response to The 12 Rules for Life.

Parables‘ are posts designed to illustrate a particular point, lesson, or observation relative to the Kingdom of God. Each post is in the form of a parable.

A Christian’s Response to The 12 Rules for Life compares and contrasts biblical Christianity with the most recent, and extremely popular, book by Mr. Jordan Peterson titled The 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. If you or anyone you know find Mr. Peterson’s work of interest; if you have questions about how it might relate to fundamental Christianity; or if you are worried that someone you love or maybe a young Believer you know is or has been influenced by this work, these posts might be helpful. They are respectful, professional, and give Mr. Peterson credit where credit is due, but above all they hold his work up to the light of Scripture and, where necessary, show the differences in philosophies, mindsets, and worldview.